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Stranger Tourist

By Fares Zaitoon


Curated by Farida Youssef and Momo


Music by Momo




Momo doesn’t invite anyone into his room.


A few years ago, Fares was allowed back into Momo’s world. He returned to the world they once shared together, together with drugs. They spent two weeks, talking and listening to the latter’s music. He brought in something new, a series of cameras. What remains from before is their friendship. 


Stranger Tourist is a photography exhibition about what it means to be invited to Momo’s room. Bearing the responsibility of photographing his friend as a friend, Fares used different camera types. This allowed for varied and changing aesthetics, reflected in the different textures on which these images are printed. A shift from an otherwise restrictive documentary approach. 


To further complicate the idea of a singular representation, each space in the exhibition offers a different perspective of the room. They are not simple repetitions. Instead, these composite details mirror the room and build a layered portrait of Momo in his world. As we arrive in the end, we are reminded of their friendship, of this invitation and the responsibility that comes with it.


Since Momo and I decided to end this project after the exhibition, I won't be using his photos on social media websites anymore. It will only be the photos from the exhibit or from another exhibition that I will use.

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